Announcement Regarding PB Ecosystem


Hope you all are doing well!

This announcement concerns the second part of announcements we had made on 23/04/2020. We are building a complete ecosystem for Point Blank.

This includes -

  • A website
  • A mobile application
  • The Forum
  • The Write-ups blog
  • Social Media
  • Discord

The Forum, as you know, already exists. Write-ups is under active work and we welcome write-ups, if you don’t want to write but have ideas for articles that you would find helpful/like to see on write-ups, consider making a post on the forum about the same.

The website work is ongoing, we have a Github repository. Once a basic webpage is ready, we’ll share the details with you so that you can also contribute to the development of the website. We are looking for developers who are willing to work on the site and make it better, irrespective of experience.

We are also looking for App developers to work on the app.

We’re also actively working on connecting the Discord server to our Forum, GitHub Org and write-ups.

The ecosystem will make it easier for Point Blank to be a repository of knowledge and to be more accessible to the college. We urge you to make best possible use of the resources and help us in improving them.

These are untested waters, and we need your help and support going forward. Potentially, this could go a long way in developing a proper programming community in the college, that sustains for a long time.


For the near future the mobile app project is put on hold. To push towards mobile devices, we are planning to build Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA: Websites (web-apps) which can be installed on your device, 
which look and feel as a mobile app but is in-fact just a website.

For this we are going to need a lot of ideas, features and hands-on-deck. Please join the #web-dev channel to get updates and be involved in this project.

PS: A post regarding this will be posted later on to outline the basic idea of this upcoming kickass platform.