[Discussion] : Point Blank Bot for Discord

We are planning on holding a meeting for discussions about Point Blank Bot on Discord.

We will start the discussion with:

  • A brief introduction to Discord and then quickly move to,
  • Current, Planned and Future capabilities of our Bot. ( Yes we have our own discord Bot ).

Fill the Poll attached below.

  • 2020-06-17T09:30:00Z
  • 2020-06-18T09:30:00Z
  • Posted a more favorable date and time in the comments.
  • Not Intrested

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Note : PbBot and its github are not updated to latest code.
PbBot @ Pbdiscord

Can the meeting be kept during evening like 5 or 6 Tom or day after

Since almost everyone has agreed for tommorow we can’t change it, if you are unable to attend ask @aayush_kumar he can record the meeting

The poll closes in 3 hours and since majority is going with tomorrow @ 3pm, we will have the meeting at that time, I will try get you a recording though.

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