KWoC resources and Details

Kharagpur Winter of Code, abbreviated KWoC is an annual month long Open Source contest held in December - January every year by the KOSS (Kharagpur Open Source Society). It is to introduce newbies to the world of Open source programming, and hosts projects from many organisations that the students can contribute to. It is non competitive (There is a leaderboard though). It serves as useful preparation for the Google Summer of Code, whose registration opens in March.

  1. KWoC website:

  2. KOSS Facebook Page:
    This page is the best way to get updates on the competition.

  3. Slack discussion link: Create Account | Slack

You can use this to get immediate replies to any general queries you may have.

Please note that the coding period has started on 7th December. You need practice to get cracking at GSoC, so if that’s your end goal get cracking immediately. Even if it isn’t, its a safe way to dip your toes in the ocean of open source.


Which kind of project will be more helpful to join WEB DEVELOPMENT/PYTHON/FLUTTER?

I guess @AmanL04 and @rishabhlakhotia know more about Webdev than I do, so they’ll be able to tell you about the specifics.

Useful to whom? You? The community? All of them are pretty good. Python is a great General purpose language and it’s easy to boot. The barrier to entry to make any USEFUL contributions might be higher (because it’s a pretty large and mature community).

Webdev is huge. There’s many many frameworks and things going on in Webdev, and the scope is pretty big too . Irrespective of what area of CS you work on, you’ll have to know atleast SOME Webdev, so there’s that.

Flutter is the smallest and most niche of the three. Google’s pushing for it but there’s things like React Native to give it competition. I don’t really know many flutter orgs in GSoC or KWoC, so from that POV I guess you can give it a pass.


There is no precedence of one topic over other. In fact you cannot have a pure Python/Flutter/Web Development project. In my opinion, it is better to work in a team with each member having their own expertise.

Suppose that you can work on Python and one of your friends can work on UI/UX. But you’ll still need a Web Developer to put everything in place. This may seem easy on a small scale and maybe one or two people might be able to handle everything, but when things scale up it is better to have a team with diverse expertise. This way you will not only make a project but it will be working and presentable too, and that is the most important part of any hackathon.