Moving Point Blank to different Messaging app

This has been a major bone of contention for a while now, we’ve decided to finally have a vote on which platform to use. I’ll elaborate the pros/cons in short, if you wish to add something in support of a platform, do it in the comments below.

WhatsApp: We already use it, everyone knows how to use it.
Cons are that it can get sluggish, doesn’t support bots (to automate functions, do polls inside the app, control the kind of messages that can be posted)

Telegram: More or less a clone of WhatsApp, except that it supports Bots. It supports larger groups and larger file sizes too.

Discord: Has a learning curve, supports Bots, easy to create “channels” to segregate topics.

Slack is not an option because notifications suck. Teams is out as well because it requires a work email or .edu email which most of us don’t have.


  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Flock
  • IRC

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I’ll recommend Slack and Discord.

  • Slack: Hands down, the best for team productivity. There are thousands of apps you can integrate and you can create your own bots and setup simple webhooks. Slack has its own SDK so that makes creating bots easier.

  • Discord: Good for groups, not ideal for team productivity but it has unlimited potential. You can customize it the way you want. Create a server at the location nearest to you (Bangalore is also available) and you can get very clear voice chat. No restrictions, nothing that matters to us.

  • Zulip: Open-source, slack alternative. Almost everything that slack has, but also each channel (called streams in zulip) can have topics so things don’t get mixed up. Supports lesser apps out of the box but you can create bots and webhooks.

  • Telegram: Beefed up version of WhatsApp. We are a tech group, not self-help group. Get creative.

  • Flock: Nothing better than Slack. Very same. Only the paid version is cheaper so it doesn’t matter to us.

  • Hike: It has stickers, and gives free SMS.

  • Whatsapp:- Best notification, which will help to keep you up to date with the newest messages, as we mostly have very short period of notice and need to take quick action.
  • Rest any of the messaging apps don’t have the proper notification but have those good features mentioned above.
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Poll will be closed tomorrow at 10 pm or at 55 votes, whichever is earlier.

Poll closed after full 36 hours. We are moving to Discord!