[Discussion]: Plans for next week

Now that we obviously won’t have a meeting next week, we got to come up with alternatives.

What do you suggest we do? Online workshops ? If yes, on what? More online contests? Daily links to problems? Discussions on the forum about tech? Something else? Nothing at all?

Please comment below with your suggestions, we’ll decide what to do.

Why is nothing at all an option here?
I suggest doing online workshop, either on YouTube live or twitch.

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More online contests n links to problems

Discussion on tech or maybe @home haxx!

I like online workshops, they’re easy to record and keep for future reference.

But as you probably know, getting people to attend is a major headache. Barely 10 people attended for GitHub workshop that you held, and about 15 people for @Akz workshop on ML even though more than 35 people attended the onsite version of that.

Even if people show up, leaving midway is all too easy. That’s the only problem I have.

We can give challenges kind of, like solve 50 problems this week or Atleast 3 contributions on open source, or develop a end to end project something.
Only difficulty is to track it and also need to have reward system.

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Also, it would be helpful if you could upload the solution code of PB Hustle every week. That way, we’d be able to check where we’ve gone wrong.

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More online competitions …keeps the ENTHUSIASM up

The problems are taken from older codeforces problems so they should already have solutions online. I’ll ask the admins to share the links asap. Thanks for the heads up!

Shouldn’t we try the general codeforces division 3 contests though? Rather than making our own? @marcos5163 keeps posting them on the group but hardly anyone attempts them

I’m down for this. We’ll have to agree on the reward tho paisa Kisi ke pass hai Nahi :joy:

Daily links to problems

This is better… Kind of mini long challenges

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Resume building workshop. Tuesday on Zoom. Compulsory to attend!

How to contribute to open source?