$echo 'Hello, masked world!'

Hey folks! Hope the COVID-19 era hasn’t taken its negative toll on you.

While we are soon getting back to the regular activity at our campus, this is an ode to the culture that we are pushing forward through this forum we created slightly over a year ago for open-ended communication and collective growth. Resources shared here have provided ample opportunities for the posterity to enhance their sphere of knowledge. Even acts of kindness in sharing links & documents have gone a long way. But, we have not seen much involvement from branches other than CSE.

Today, we seek to expand into Reddit via the subreddit www.reddit.com/r/dsce with a goal to laugh at memes from @dank_dsce or criticize a confession from @dsi_conversations with more diaspora of the college. As we open up a tab for discussion in such a widely-accepted forum, we are only advancing all our best interests: To more debates, rants, and even events that will be SE-optimized to anyone looking into joining or learning about DSCE, this is a call for publicity and shares. Tell your friends about r/dsce. Start posting in the subreddit. Speak loudly about the projects you built and the exams you flunked. Share your favorite teacher’s antics and bring out an ignored domain. Post memes about the management (promise they won’t bat an eye) or motivate those who are willing. Call it a clique or call it useless, either way, we strive to make it clear about what one must expect when ascending Shavige Malleshwara Hills to their ‘eventful’ six internals and two SEEs each year.

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