Help: HTTPS Server Simulator

I need to send a HTTP Post request to a server. I’m using a STM32F103R ‘Blue Pill’ microcontroller, and a Sim 900A GSM module.

Since the company I’m interning at hasn’t given access to their server yet, I need to check if my post requests are getting through. The guy incharge says there are https server simulators that are free. Where can I find such simulators?

You can go to to check if your app is sending correct POST requests and also check the request content on it. There are many such services, you can Google to find more, but I like this one the most.


Thanks a lot. This should do the job.

Postman can also we used?

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Postman and do two different jobs. Postman makes POST requests to your application whereas lets your application make a POST request to their servers.

Simply put, with postman you can check if your application can handle and serve a POST request. With you can check if your application is making the POST request correctly and how it deals with the response.


ok got it, thanks! :smiley: