Point Blank Domain Name Poll

We are gonna have our own domain name for Point Blank. So here are the options, pls choose wisely. :grin: Prefer reading the comments for suggestions

  • pointblank.club -> 400+700/yr
  • pointblank.cc -> 1400/yr
  • point-blank.in -> 860/yr
  • point-blank.dev -> 860/yr
  • pointblank.it -> 980/yr
  • pointblank.cc -> 450(1st year) then 1200(2nd year onwards)
  • thepointblank.in -> 150(1st year) then 600(2nd year onwards)
  • pointblank.net.in -> 350 (1st year) then 550(2nd year onwards)
  • pointblank.org.in -> 360 (1st year) then 550(2nd year onwards)

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Please go through this link and make an informed decision. This domain is going to stay with us for a long time
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