Reply via email on forum

It has been some time since I have actively worked on the forum. For past some time I was testing out reply via email feature and I think it can be publicly used now. So what is it anyway and how to use it?

As the name suggests, reply via email allows you to reply to a specific thread by replying to the notification email. If you have commented, follow a topic, if someone quotes you, mentions you, or replies to your post you will receive an email notification as and when the thread progresses. If you wish to reply on the thread you can simply reply to the notification email.

Also, this feature will work in the DMs too. If you send someone a Direct Message on the forum they will receive an email after a cooldown period (to prevent email spam) and they can directly reply to the message by replying to the email. Consequently, if you don’t view the message on the forum till the cooldown period, you will receive an email with the reply and so on.

Obviously not all users want to receive emails every now and then so your email preference can be set under your Profile > Emails.

There is always a scope of improvement and please let me know if there are any suggestions.