Upcoming Hackathons: December - January 2020

Hackverse, national Institute of Technology, Surathkal: https://hackverse.nitk.ac.in/

This Hackathon will take place from 25th to 26th January, 2020. To participate, you must make a profile on Devfolio, where you have to fill in details pertaining to your past achievements, resume, links to your Github and LinkedIn profiles etc which will be screened before you are allowed to participate. As a general rule of thumb, Devfolio organisers are typically very picky about who they allow to participate, so if you manage to get selected, you’ll face a tough as nails crowd of experienced hackers.

You can apply individually or as a team, but if you’re not able to team up with someone from our college, you will have to participate with someone from outside because they don’t allow individual participants.

NMIT Hacks 2020: https://nmit-hacks.hackerearth.com/

Is on 24th January. You have to apply via the hackerearth portal given above, and type a description of the hack that you plan on building. If you are new to hackathons, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Wintathon -LinkedIn 4th all-female hackathon: https://apuzz.com/wintathon-2020/amp/

You cannot participate in the hackathon if you are not a female, and even if you are you have to be in your 3rd or 4th year of college. It is on 18th of January.

RevHack: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/revhack-tickets-84102842867

This is a corporate hackathon, It is on 18th of January. Keep in mind that this is a 12 hour hackathon, so do most of your prep before the hackathon and just go complete your project there. If you want to meet working professionals and a slightly older crowd, this is probably a good choice.