Upcoming Hackathons (February 2020 Onwards)

Here’s some Hackathons you should be trying out:

  1. https://skillenza.com/challenge/mishmash-hackathon-pune

21-22 March 2020

We invite you to participate in MishMash - India’s largest 24-hour diversity hackathon. The hackathon is sponsored by Microsoft and is a Skillenza initiative. The focus is to give you, regardless of your background, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, skill sets and viewpoints an opportunity to showcase your talent. The hackathon will be an inclusive and diverse space for everyone. We hope to see some fresh perspectives and new ideas.

  1. https://yugam.in/event/30/detail/

28 February 2020

RiGathon, a National level 48-hour hackathon, is a prodigious platform where students with exceptional skills from different parts of India, gather under one roof to learn and grow in a synergetic environment with professional guidance.

The previous editions of RiGathon were a thumping success with more than 400 technocrats taking part from all over the country. This year, we are expecting around 500 applications out of which we will be short listing 150 students.

RiGathon 2020 revolves around the theme, Innovative Solutions For Effectual Agriculture. We have 5 major subdomains falling under this topic, Automated Irrigation, Drones, Information Technology , Food Processing And Logistic Technology And Machineries.

  1. https://skillenza.com/challenge/hacknightv7-hackathon-bangalore

Devengers, the coolest community of Skillenza for all Super Hero Developers, is back with HackNight 7.0 sponsored by Microsoft.

HackNight 7.0 is the seventh in a series of hacknights that occur once every month. These are 12-hour mini hackathons where you tackle problem statements based on pre-defined themes.

This is an invite-only HackNight with limited seats. So, register here to get an invite.

  1. Code Kaze

Code Kaze
It’s a free online Coding Competition
Eligibility: Students from all streams and years can participate.

Round 1 : 27th Feb’19
Round 2 : 29th Feb’19
Time : 8:30p.m
Duration : 2 hours

What’s there in test?
Coding, Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Prizes → CASH, FREE ONLINE COURSES Worth 50Lakhs.

Top 3 winners to get Cash Prizes worth 60,000
Top 100 participants to get MI Bands , cool gadgets, goodies and swags.

Competing with more than 250 colleges and more than 20,000+ students all over India.

  1. https://buhack.tech/

Bennett University announces it’s flagship hackathon, BU’Hac with the theme #codechange which aims to bring all the like-minded innovators of our diverse nation to a single place.

To start contributing to #code4change, BU’Hack will Plant a Tree for every participant.
Date: 21st - 22nd March, 2020

  1. https://www.hackbout.tech/

For centuries humanity has enjoyed bouts in action-packed sports such as sword fighting and boxing, With the same intensity and competition, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology present HackBout, a 36 hour hackathon where teams will battle it out in electrifying competition, building their idea, improving it as they but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, having fun and making friends along the way.

  1. https://www.hackinthenorth.com/

Hack In The North is the collaboration of programmers, designers and inventors to code, design and build innovative solutions that tackle real world problems.

We provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology.

It doesn’t matter if someone is still making their first app or their 100th one. There are a lot of things to learn.

The only constraint is time.

  1. https://mozohack.srmkzilla.net/

All great things are born out of an idea. A desire to change things. A burning passion to create. A fire that does not let one sleep.

You dream about it. You think how you could do it. You share that idea with others.

When you are with others who have the same desire to change the world, that’s when something magical happens. That’s when you build something great.

Make your big ideas huge. Come build something great at MOZOHACK.

  1. https://c2c.acmvit.in/

A thrilling tech sprint awaited by numerous innovators, Code2Create witnesses a plethora of skill sets. Code2Create is all about designing, building and creating; a place where graphic designers, software developers, app developers, and web developers collaborate intensively on projects. Code2Create’19 saw more than 500 participants. The judges were renowned experts in their respective fields. Participants from across the country indulge in 36 hours of intense brainstorming, designing, creating and testing, along with some engaging and very enjoyable side quests. Code2Create is ACM-VIT’s flagship event and one of the grandest annual events hosted in VIT.

  1. https://frosthack.com/

FrostHack - Open Hackathon organized by student community of IIT Mandi with the goal of solving societal problems by collective collaboration among students using tech.