Upcoming Open Source Programmes

Recently @Akz shared a link on the SP group about the MLH Fellowship:

The blurb on the website says:

The MLH Fellowship is an internship alternative for software engineers. Instead of working on a project for just one company, you’ll contribute to Open Source projects that are used by companies around the world. You’ll collaborate with a group of 10 students under the guidance of a professional mentor whose only job is to help you successfully contribute.”

Considering that most other ‘Open Source Programs’ like Outreachy and KWoC are already done for this year, this sounds like a great programme to apply to. Do apply, and if you’re going to please leave a comment here so that we can keep records (For members of PB, specifically).

The Bountiful Open Source Summer is also right around the corner (starts from 15th May) and you could try that out. Here’s the Link: http://lab.codingblocks.com/boss

The Google Season of Docs organisation list will be out on 11th May. This is a documentation based programme for Technical writers. You can apply here: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/

Interested in other open source ventures? I’d highly recommend following this Github repository: https://github.com/tapaswenipathak/Open-Source-Programs

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Update: here’s a repo with more updated Open Source programs:


what are some good orgs to start contributing to specifically for c++ or web ??

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One easy way is to head over to https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/

You can use the search bar at the top and type C++ or JavaScript. I can currently see around 40 orgs that use C++ (there’s even orgs that do core C++ development like Boost C++. Even Arduino does C++ Dev although it’s for microcontrollers).

For web development you can search JavaScript, as there’s nothing much happening with HTML and CSS. Although there’s so many web/app development paradigms that it’s probably better to just see the whole list (200 organisations) than filter by keyword.

If you want other orgs, you can see older archived pages of GSoC orgs with a simple Google search. Although many of these will not be currently participating in GSoC , so trying new orgs might be better.

There’s also lists of organisations maintained by KWoC https://kwoc.kossiitkgp.org/ although these are much smaller orgs, so I’d recommend waiting for KWoC to actually start before contributing to these.

Hope this helps.