Working on Open Source

How do one go about working with open source? From where does one get the idea about their on going project and how to contribute in that?
Can a session on this be taken?

@Ashutosh_Pandey @yashwantsingh @AmanL04 help him out guys.
This might help


Step 1 would be to take a tutorial on Git and Github, it’s better to take a MOOC style course because there’s you can go pretty far with just a few commands. I think Udemy had a decent free course you can check that out.

Step 2 is to upload your own mini projects on your GitHub. Why this is necessary is because it allows you to experiment with different things (pull, fork, rebase etc) without any repercussions. Upload your files, write a proper etc. Use existing projects of other people (can be found by a simple Google search) as a reference for this.

Step 3 is to push changes to a repository. Most of the open source orgs have guidelines on how to do this (like their rules) . Keep in mind that you MUST contact the mods of that repo using whatever channel they’ve listed. Talk to them and make it clear about what you’re doing.

Keep your commits small, usual rule is one change per commit, follow the coding guidelines and style of the institution and test your code thoroughly before you commit anything. Contact the mods.

@rishabhlakhotia did do a workshop on GitHub, though I think he deleted the video at the end.